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My blog's main subjects are sewing, the thing in which I am experinced the most, and beadwork, which is, in fact, pushed me into blogging. I am also engaged in knitting and crocheting. All together they are the set of skills which I use to make my wardrobe my whole life. These are not my only interests, I also like English language (that's one of the reasons that my blog is bilingual), try to travel around my country and abroad (when can afford), am interested in art (to the degree of a dilettante but nevertheless) and adore the people who can create anything beautiful or useful whatever it is :-) So welcome to a needlecrafter diary!

12 April 2018

Sparkling Waves Bracelet

Last summer I had a splendid holiday that was spent in the Carpathians. And, despite I used to live in the mountains, it fact it was my first experience to have a rest there. I even climbed Hoverla, our Ukrainian highest top. I was very happy with my that trip and would be glad to spend some time in the mountains again but  yet during last summer I felt great lack of the sea as well... Not only the enjoyment from water and swimming but also the view of the sparkling in the sunlight waves themselves were missed. So I couldn't pass by this bracelet from Shelley Nybakke, I liked it from the first sight and even didn't change its name as what else I could say... :-)

Браслет "Сяючи хвилі"

Минулого літа я провела чудову відпустку у Карпатах. І, хоча я колись жила у горах, це фактично був мій перший досвід такого відпочинку. Я навіть видерлася на Говерлу. В тій подорожі я почувалася дуже щасливою і із задоволенням знову провела б час у горах, але все ж таки минулого літа мені не вистачило моря... Сумувала не лише за задоволенням від відчуття води та купання, але і за самим виглядом хвиль, які так неймовірно виблискують у сонячному світлі. Тож не могла проминути цей браслет від Shelley Nybakke, який сподобався мені з першого погляду і я навіть назви його не змінила, бо що ще скажеш... :-)

The bracelet is pretty simple to make. The hardest part is to string  the right  initial number of the seed beads :-)
I only want to mention that I have leftover of more than 10 grams of 6/0 seed beads and the given in the patter number of 8/0 seed beads were not enough. But that's OK, I used two different colours of them and all of them work well.
I am very glad with the result, a very worthy pattern.

Браслет зробити доволі легко. Найскладніше - нанизати правильну кількість початкових бісерин:-)
Хочу лише сказати, що у мене залишилося більше ніж 10 грамів бісеру №6/0 і пішло на модель більше, ніж зазначено, бісеру № 8/0. Але з цим все гаразд, бо я використала два кольори такого бісеру і вони обидва спрацювали.
Мене дуже порадував результат, дуже гідна модель.

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